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Welcome to Rokugan

The “In the shadow of Glory and Honor” Legend of the Five Rings campaign, will be played during the reign of Hentai the XXXVIII, in the year of 1120, seventeen years since his coronation. Under his divine guidance, the Emerald Empire has thrived, knowing a level of peace and prosperity that has not been seen in the last hundred years. Though the clans still skirmish over traditional boundaries, the scope and number of these during his reign have been limited, and in the absence of all out war, Rokugan has prospered.

Below is a summarized (and living) list of information pertaining to the current age, notable locations, and important people in the realm. The scope of this information will grow as the campaign increases to bring into scope more of the world as the characters encounter it.

Rokugan in the current age

(Imperial) Hantei the 38th
The Lands of the Emerald Empire

The Greater Clans of the Empire

The Crab Clan
The Crane Clan
The Dragon Clan
The Lion Clan
The Phoenix Clan
The Scorpion Clan
The Unicorn Clan

Noteable People Across the Empire__

Emerald champion
Lion Damiyo
Akodo Damiyo
Local Damiyo

Nearby land lords: Doji, Pheonix, Dragonfly, Unicorn, Kitsu, Matsu?

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